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Welcome to our webstore, the home of high-impact gifts that won’t hurt the planet. Explore our latest collection of books, prints, threads and more.

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Looking for something in particular? Whether you are treating yourself or someone else, we’ve got just the thing. Start your search here.



Shop By Category

Looking for something in particular? Whether you are treating yourself or someone else, we’ve got just the thing. Start your search here.




Paperback collection

Our curated book collection puts the focus on creativity, design and what it means to live a creative life. All of our books are sustainability printed in the UK on FSC stock for complete guilt-free shopping.


Save a packet on a bundle of products

When you can’t choose just one, we recommend a bundle. Our paperback bundles make incredibly thoughtful gifts for the creative in your life. Inspire and ignite their imagination with our best-sellers.


Discover your new favourite book

Washing the dishes, walking the dog, driving to work. Bring some creativity to the everyday with our audiobook collection. Skip the middleman and get your audiobooks directly from our online webshop.

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Books and gifts that won’t hurt the planet

We’re proud to sell carbon-neutral products that will have a big impact on your life, not the planet. We take a mindful approach to selling to ensure we only partner with companies that care as much as we do.


We the antithesis of fast-fashion

Dress without the stress with our collection of sustainability sourced threads. We partner with print on demand companies that make a difference, offering organic materials, eco-friendly inks and a circular economy that encourages recycling.


Printed on
sustainable paper

Our paperbacks are printed and bound in the UK using only FSC-certified paper, which means it comes from 100% well-managed forests. It’s a simple step to help the planet, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sustainable Products
Enjoy guilt-free gifting with our planet-conscious products

Made in the UK
Our products are printed, bound and packaged right here in the UK.

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Enjoy free delivery on all orders over £75

Our Purpose

“We’re all about creating things with the capacity to expand horizons, change perspectives and spark discussion. We take a mindful approach to production, ensuring sustainability and care for the planet remain front and centre.”


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