Prints by November Universe

Decorate your world. Find environmentally-friendly prints, postcards, stickers and stationery to upgrade your home or office.

November Universe evolved from a design studio, so it makes sense that we would also offer the wares to decorate your space. Choose from prints of our most popular designs, postcards and send or keep, and other stationery to brighten up your world. These make the perfect gifts, for yourself or for someone else. High quality screen prints and litho prints offer a simple way to update any space and help you to feel inspired every day. Decorate your home and workspace with items that inspire you every single day. Regularly rotate your artwork to keep things fresh and keep your mind sharp. Pick a single statement piece, or create a gallery wall with all of your favourite prints. 

All of our printed products are created on-demand. This means we have no stock sitting around, and no risk of damaged or out of date items going to waste. While this might increase the delivery time by a small amount, we believe this is worth it for the environmental benefits. By choosing a print on demand business model, we can ensure that nothing goes to waste. We also partner with UK-based companies so we can have greater control over the materials used. It also helps to know that the workers creating our prints are paid a living wage. We only use FSC-certified paper stock and all printing inks are completely non-toxic, water-based and made without chemicals. It’s a small step to help the planet, but we think it’s an important one.