Book bundles by November Universe

Indulge your creativity with these best-selling titles. Find advice to grow your creative career and nurture your wellbeing while you’re doing it.

A book is a universe in itself, every page laden with possibilities. We publish books about creativity, the creative life and what it means to make money from your creativity. Here you’ll find titles that will nourish your creative practice, expand your horizons and encourage you to see the world from new perspectives. We know that not everyone is a visual learner, which is why we also offer audiobooks to enable you to absorb the insight while on the go. And for the indecisive out there, we also offer book bundles to make it easier to narrow down your search. We have an ambitious publishing schedule planned, so check back regularly to see the latest titles. As we expand the November Universe, expect to find more titles from the world’s most creative minds. 

All of our books are printed on 100% sustainable FSC-certified paper, which means our suppliers can trace every page back to the forest it came from. All paperbacks are also manufactured in the UK, which allows us greater control over the materials used, ensures all workers are paid a living wage, and also reduces the carbon footprint for shipping. A mindful approach to ecommerce allows us to limit our waste and reduce our impact on the planet. We believe that the ideas contained within these books should create the biggest impact, not the paper that they’re printed on. By taking a responsible approach to the products we put out into the world, we can feel confident that we will only have a positive impact. Our commitment to sustainability will also ensure that you can enjoy guilt-free gifting.