Pause, Breathe and Grow - Notes on mindful creative life - Out December 1st

Pause, Breathe and Grow - Notes on mindful creative life - Out December 1st

Pause, Breathe and Grow is the perfect companion for anyone with a creative and inquisitive mind. Aimed at students, artists, designers, illustrators, coders, innovators, creative technologists, craft hobbyists and more, this guide provides a blueprint for changing the way we view our work and ourselves. Whatever stage your life or career is at right now, these pages are for those who want to think more clearly, enrich their creativity, enjoy their work more, become more resilient and achieve a greater sense of calm. 

The foundations of Pause, Breathe and Grow lay in making progress in realistic increments. Designed to be used alongside your work schedule, each page focuses on just one thing to achieve in a day. Containing enough prompts to enable you to try a new exercise each day for four months, the book also includes spaces devoted to tracking your moods and habits, and to jot down daily notes and reflections. 

The prompts in the book aim to help you avoid task overload and endless lists that never get fully ticked off. They offer new ideas for improving your workflow, and more broadly, for helping you find peace with the world around you. Through easy-to-follow advice on approaching tasks with clarity, thoughtfulness and creativity, this book will untangle your mind from the knots of seemingly impossible doubts and deadlines.

Pause, Breathe and Grow doesn’t try to be an all-purpose Swiss Army Knife for living. It's created for making time with your thoughts, plans and ambitions by leading a more mindful creative life. This is about considering who you are today and thinking about where you want to be tomorrow; learning to change what you can and accepting the rest. 

Designed, printed and bound in London, Pause, Breathe and Grow is a certified climate-neutral print product manufactured using 100% UK offshore wind-generated electricity. It’s printed with vegetable oil-based inks using paper created from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Pause, Breathe and Grow is out on December 1st 2020. 

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