Mens Tops + Hoodies by November Universe

Express your love for design. Find t-shirts, hoodies, scarves and tote bags to update your wardrobe without harming the planet.

Wear your love for design on your sleeve – or your tote bag. We’ve taken your favourite designs from the Brand Nu studio and turned them into wearable art. The perfect way to express yourself while you dress yourself. Our collection of t-shirts and hoodies are the perfect everyday wear for all genders. Our printed scarves feature full-coverage prints of our most popular designs, offering a truly unique addition to your wardrobe. Our tote bags are perfect for gifting or hoarding, allowing you to shop in style without ruining the planet with yet another plastic bag. Our collection is growing and changing all the time, and designs won’t be available forever. So if you see something that sparks joy, we recommend you snap it up quickly.

We’re well aware of the damage fashion can do to the planet, fast fashion in particular. We are the antithesis of fast fashion, offering a slow approach that includes timeless designs and sustainable methods. Our t-shirt and hoodie printing partners encourage a circular economy, so when you’ve worn your item down to the bare threads, you can return it for recycling. Our threads are also made from organic cotton, which is grown without polluting the environment. All ink is 100% solvent free, water based and completely cruelty free. And since everything is printed on-demand, there is no excess stock waste sent to landfill. When you purchase any clothing item from the November Universe, you can be confident it doesn’t come with any excess baggage.